Holiday Activities for Seniors

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, the holidays are going to look a little differently than previous years. This doesn’t mean you can’t make the season enjoyable for you and your elderly loved ones. There are plenty of safe, socially distanced activities you can do to combat senior isolation. A few ideas are listed below:

Send out your holiday cards. You probably do this every year anyways and it could go a long way in cheering someone up. It’s a nice way to remind them you’re missing and thinking about them. 

Go online shopping together. For many people holiday shopping with family is a yearly tradition. With events like cyber Monday coming up now is the perfect time for that, just call up your relative and browse some online shops together. 

Host a socially distanced movie night. With free extensions like Netflix party and Gaze its possible for multiple people to stream the same movie from different locations. Throw on some comfy pajamas, get some snacks and settle in for a movie night 

Send handwritten letters. Your senior loved ones are sure to appreciate this one, letters can feel more personal than a text or email or even a call 

Decorate together. Set up a zoom call or google meet and decorate together. This can also be applied to a number of holiday activities and crafts such as making ginger bread houses 

Have a virtual sing along. Karaoke is usually a staple at holiday parties. Call up your loved one, throw on some music and have a virtual sing along. 

Socially distanced cookie swap. Bake (or buy) some cookies and drop it off at each others door steps. 

Drive through a light show. Take separate cars and drive through a light display or decorated neighborhood 

Make your loved one a personalized baskets. Personalized baskets have gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reasons, they’re a great gift idea. Fill the basket with holiday themed items and little presents you know they’ll love. 

Share family recipes. Set up a call and bake together, your loved one will appreciate your interest in your family history. and will definitely have a good time teaching you the recipe. 

The holiday season brings families together, despite difficult circumstances it still can. After months in isolation for many seniors they deserve a positive and memorable holiday experience. All it takes is some adapting and new ideas to make this winter just as joyful as all the ones before it.