Why Do Some Seniors Have A Difficult Time Getting To The Dentist?

Many of us tend to overlook dental health. The truth is going to the dentist at least once per year is important and only gets more important as you age. Seniors neglecting oral health can have serious negative consequences. 

There are many factors contribute to why seniors may have poor dental health. All of these factors are the direct cause of aging, such as memory loss and physical or mental disabilities. These all effect someone’s ability to take care of their teeth.  In addition, getting to the dentist for checkups and appointments may prove to be a problem. Most seniors are no longer able to drive themselves and may not have adequate or reliable transportation. 

What Are The Side Effects of Poor Dental Health? 

There are multiple consequences to poor dental that are specifically dangerous to seniors. The more obvious ones being tooth loss and decay as well as gum disease. Although these are common they shouldn’t be underestimated. They can lead to difficulty eating which leads to lack of nutrition, cavities, and bleeding gums. Side effects can even be as extreme as oral cancer, diabetes, heart disease and phenomena. These are all potentially life threatening and cannot be overlooked. Remember dental health is directly linked to your bodies overall health.

What Steps Should Be Taken? 

Good dental health is something that is in our hands. Start by reminding your loved one to brush and floss their teeth, especially  if they have memory problems. Keeping dentures clean is just as important, remind your loved one to clean them daily as well as remove them overnight.  Make sure to schedule their dentist appointments and be in touch with their doctors about any issues they may be experiencing and how you can help.  There are also life style simple changes we can make in order to improve our dental health. Encourage the seniors you care for to eat healthy, avoid too much sugar and quit smoking.  To learn more about how to care for seniors please visit us at www.nyaide.com