Changing your place of residence isn’t just frightening for most seniors; it’s also highly stressful. This stress can negatively affect an aging adult physically, mentally, and emotionally, leaving them without the strength to fight off serious health hazards. While changing residences is necessary for some seniors needing care in a facility, most seniors prefer to age at home. According to several AARP studies, over 80% of adults surveyed over age 65 stated they would like to remain at home, not live in a facility for seniors. An increasing number of seniors in Philadelphia are choosing home care over institutional care. Here are seven reasons why.

To spend more time with their family

Living at home, seniors can visit with family and friends when it’s convenient for everyone. Unlike a nursing home, there are no visiting hours. The increased time a senior has with the people closest to them benefits them emotionally and psychologically.

To have more choices

Home care not only lets you choose when you see your friends and family, but you also have more choices when it comes to your healthcare providers.

Home care agencies can coordinate visits with physical and occupational therapists, medical social workers, registered and practical nurses, and home health aides. In addition, a caregiver can provide home care services that complement a senior’s medical care.

Home care is more affordable

A senior receiving home care doesn’t have to pay for room and board and all of the other expensive charges that come with living in a facility for seniors. Instead, they simply pay by the hour for services rendered by their caregiver, which is much more cost-effective.

Home care provides better companionship

Seniors receiving home care enjoy much greater companionship when they live at home. They enjoy much more interaction with family and friends, and companion care services are affordable and offered by home care agencies.

Independence is encouraged

Seniors who live at home can continue with their daily routine and maintain responsibility for household chores they’re still able to do. They can make everyday decisions about things like meals, what they’ll be wearing, and what activities they’ll be enjoying.

Their individual needs are better met

Home care provided by a professional agency is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, unlike an assisted living facility or nursing home. Caregivers give each senior one-on-one attention.

They’re happier

Aging in place allows seniors to enjoy the freedom of being around family and friends without restrictions. They can maintain ties to their neighborhood and community, and their pets can remain part of their lives. As a result, they feel much more needed and included.

Elder Home Care provides home care in the greater Philadelphia, PA and Austin, TX areas, including Abington, PA and Jenkintown that gives seniors a chance to age safely in the place they want to be – at home. Our compassionate, trained caregivers will provide the care your loved one needs, whether it be for a few hours a day or around the clock.

Contact us today at our Jenkintown office and let us provide you with a FREE no-obligation assessment of your senior’s needs and create a personalized care plan. Our caregivers will give your loved one the same care and respect they’d expect their family members to receive.