Start with asking people you trust who they recommend – Ask a physician, loved one’s social worker, hospital, close family or friend for recommendations. When they make a recommendation….be sure to ask them why they like that company.
Basic questions to ask the prospective home care provider:
1. What are the qualifications of the caregivers you hire? What are the aide’s credentials? Elder Home Care provides home health aides (HHA) that are certified, undergo specialized training and who continue their education to further develop their abilities. All aides and companions are background checked.
2. Quality of the care. Its best to understand if a written care plan will be provided. The care plan outlined should suit you and your loved ones needs. Ask questions about how their needs will be accommodated.
3. Emergency situations or concerns. Ask how the agency would handle an emergency and how best to get in contact for questions and concerns you may have once services started.
4. Cost of the service. How much does the home health service cost per hour? A good idea is to know how much you can spend. Ask how payments are to be made (i.e. ACH, Check or Credit Card) to avoid future confusion.