With aging come a lot of changes in the body, such as weaker bones and wrinkled skin. In addition, many elderly experience a decline in the quality and quantity of their sleep as the body’s internal clock changes. As circadian rhythms change, (a new timing for hunger, sleep, and hormone release) you may hear the seniors in your life complain about the lack of sleep.

We have compiled a list of healthy drinks to help the elderly fall asleep. Let’s get in the kitchen!

Healthy Drinks for Inducing Elderly Sleep

Share the recipes with caregivers or try them out yourself, making it a part of in-home care for elderly sleep. The recipes are simple, quick and tasty!

1. Chamomile Lavender Latte

The drink is one of the most effective ones for sleep. Chamomile is for its soothing properties, while lavender helps calm the body and mind. Mixing these herbs makes a healthy sedative drink that will help the elderly fall asleep faster.

Take four chamomile tea bags and half a teaspoon of lavender and boil it for five minutes. Add two teaspoons of honey and half a cup of almond milk to the tea and blend the mixture for ten seconds. Pour it in the mug and serve!

2. Turmeric Tea – Golden Milk

This ordinary curry spice is popular for its tremendous benefits, and what better than a golden milk latte! Turmeric works as a natural sedative that signals your body to sleep by relaxing it. It helps prevent and slow down age-associated changes to neurodegeneration and must be a part of your elderly home care.

Boil four cups of water and add one teaspoon of grated, grounded, or powdered turmeric. Let the mixture simmer for ten minutes, strain the tea, and let it cool for five minutes before serving.

3. Banana Tea – Sound Sleep Guaranteed

Home caregivers vouch for banana tea as one of the most effective sleep aids. The tea is rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, tryptophan, and Vitamin B6. It has some great elements that improve sleep quality and duration, such as tryptophan. Banana Tea promotes the production of hormones that induce sleep, including melatonin and serotonin.

It is also one of the simplest drinks to make. All you have to do is boil a banana, with or without peel, in three cups of water. Boil it until a cup of water is left in the pan.

Pour the drink, let it cool for a few minutes, and serve.

4. Peppermint Tea – Quick Fix Slumber

Home health agencies highly recommend making peppermint an essential part of your in-home care. Peppermint helps in falling asleep fast and for longer periods. With 20% methanol, peppermint has a tremendous cooling effect in the mouth. The incredible peppermint tea reduces muscle tension and is a healthy non-caffeine drink.

And the recipe is easy too. Boil a cup of water, and some peppermint leaves to it. Let it boil for five minutes, strain it, and serve it right away.

5. Cherry Juice – The Elderly Sleep Potion

Apart from their delicious taste, cherries help improve elderly sleep quality. Cherries contain tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes melatonin growth and ultimately induces sleep. Research shows that drinking 16 ounces of tart cherry juice helps in fighting insomnia.

Take 15-20 fresh cherries and remove the seeds. Make sure you take ripe cherries. Take three plums and boil them for three minutes and quickly immerse in cold water. Remove the skin and cut the plums into halves to remove the seeds. Now take two cups of diced watermelon and blend it with the cherries until you get a smooth puree. Add some ice cubes and serve. It’s one of the best drinks to include as part of your elder care at home.

Senior Sleep is Essential

Having quality sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body, especially for the elderly who no longer have the same strength. The body needs to rest to restore its energy to get going.

Try these recipes and help the seniors in your life have a nice sleep.