Having a conversation with the people you love about senior care can be difficult. There are questions of how to do it respectfully, while being honest. It can be helpful to have this conversation before any issues grow over time.


Before having any conversations, be aware of your concerns and prepare yourself for the situation.

1.Create a List of Your Concerns

The first thing you should do is understand the reasons why you think they need help. Whether it be that you can no longer help them or you are worried for their safety, it is important to have your thoughts on paper to make sure all the points you need to make are said. Be sure not to downplay your concerns while having this conversation.

Make a list of your parents priorities and decide what you think your parents need out of senior care. Do they need help with meal preparation? Does your parent need closer medical supervision? These things can help you decide which option works best for them.

2.Educate Yourself: Explore Different Options

While learning more about senior care options it is important to find what fits your loved one’s needs. If you change their routine and where they live it may make them uncomfortable. Although it is important to find what you think works best for you, it is ultimately their needs that need to be met.



3.Plant the Seeds with Conversation Starters:

Start the conversation with your parents by being open about concerns, preferences, and priorities. Remind them that you are doing this because you love and care about them. You can try to ask them questions to see if they have similar concerns about health, safety, companionship or anything else you have concerns with. Try asking if they feel safe in their home alone. This will open the floor for you to mention something that you are specifically concerned about. You could also ask if they ever feel they need a helping hand in the home, whether it be companionship, meal preparation, or hygiene. By asking questions about how they feel you can express your list of concerns while keeping the conversation open.

4.Tell a Story

The next step is to take the concerns you might have and give direct stories of why you think they need senior care. You can talk about your own situation and how you have helped them or you can talk about a neighbor or friend that is in a similar situation.

5.Don’t Rush the Process

It is important for this to be an ongoing conversation that is built up everytime you talk. You won’t come up with a decision right away. You should hear their side, listen and give them time to absorb the knowledge you shared with them. Encourage them to research it on their own if they choose to.

6.Call 516-405-5910 with any Questions


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