Rose gazed through the sliding glass-doors, her eyes settling on the sparkling waters of the Great South Bay outside her home. “I love it here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else”, she says as she strokes her beloved companion, “Sparky”, a small Cocker Spaniel. Her husband of 65 years, John, agrees. They met when he was 21, she 20, and bought this home soon after getting married. They raised their four children here, threw parties, hosted holidays and made lifetime memories. As the kids grew up and moved away, Rose and John became active in their senior center, got together with their friends and volunteered.

But Rose and John need a little assistance now. Arthritis is making it difficult for Rose to bathe, dress, climb the stairs, do the laundry, cook and maintain her beloved home like she used to. Additionally, John’s eyesight is deteriorating to the point where he is having difficulty managing his medication and his slight short-term memory loss is making it difficult for him to remember to take them. Rose and John are no longer driving, so they rely on their children to bring them shopping or to doctor appointments. And when they are not busy with those errands, Rose and John stay home. They now spend much of their free time watching television instead of gathering with their friends at the senior center. Their children worry about their safety and happiness. It’s becoming more difficult for them to take time off from work and their own responsibilities to care for their parents.

Does this sound like your parents?

Many children of aging parents struggle with the decision of what to do when their parents need extra assistance and are no longer as active as they used to be. This is when they typically start their research into options. Do they move them into a senior care community? Do they move them in with their own family? There is no right or wrong answer in these options. Everyone deserves to have a choice in how they age but for some, staying in their beloved home is their preferred option. Some people are just happier this way. Such is the case with Rose and John.

Thanks to modern medical advances, improved home care, visiting specialists and other services geared to helping seniors live in their home longer, that choice is more realistic than ever. If your parents prefer to stay in their home, but maybe it’s just not as easy to manage their day-to-day activities, home care services can be a lifeline in the decision to age at home.

Home care services can range anywhere from assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, medication reminders, cooking and cleaning, to full assistance. Their goal is to maintain and improve a person’s safety, health, comfort and overall quality of life. Having an extra set of eyes and a caring friend to help can make all the difference. Many seniors look forward to the visits from home care aides and grow to love them as a member of their own family. Their aides often refer to their customers as “Mom and Dad” and grow very fond of them. They are valuable in helping seniors stay independent longer in their homes.

Soon after one of our home care aides starts assisting a senior, families start to notice a marked improvement in their parent’s quality of life, stamina and outlook. They “perk up”, now that their parent has someone who they can rely on to help with their daily chores and transportation. They no longer feel like a “burden” to their children, as their own independence is returned to them.

In the case of Rose and John, they now have a wonderful, caring aide who visits them every day. This aide makes sure that John is taking his medication on time and assists Rose with her personal care. The aide also assists Rose in preparing the special recipes John loves, and helps Rose keep the house clean and tidy, just the way she likes it. Since Elder Home Care employs many aides on Long Island that drive, their aide brings Rose and John to their senior center, so they can reconnect with their friends and get involved with the activities, outings and exercise programs. They have even gotten back into volunteering again!

Because our aides will provide pet care, Sparky can remain at home with Rose and John, keeping the whole “family” together.

Rose’s daughter is happy with their decision and says, “My mom and dad are just happier at home”. Rose and John are delighted with their decision to stay home with home care services. As Rose explains, “My home is right here with John and Sparky. I can’t imagine having it any other way.”

Elder Home Care provides trusted home care services to seniors living on Long Island. As your loved one ages, it is beneficial for them to keep their minds active, sharp and alert by exercising the brain. Our caregivers can assist with favorite hobbies, showering, dressing, running errands, preparing favorite meals, medication supervision, encouraging exercise and proper nutrition. It is also important for seniors to keep their spirits high. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for a wide range of needs. Most importantly, we are here to help and to provide the care your loved one deserves.

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